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Maintain the bag of Louis Vuitton
For maintaining the look of your bag, good treatment is necessary prior to washing.

click here You can take good care with these routine tasks.

Wiping down the dirt to the extent possible to avoid stain.
Daily clean the bag using a damp cloth.
Each three to twelve months, a thorough clean and condition of bag.

Make use of a pouch organizer to shield the interior of your purse from dirt and spills.
To keep the contour of your base, you can use a shaper.
Secure your bag properly while not in use.
learn more Handbags designed by Louis Vuitton to be cleaned

Louis Vuitton canvas materials like the Monogram and Damier Azur are extremely durable. This is the reason they last for so for so long. It is important to remember that canvas isn’t leather.

What is the best way to clean Louis Vuitton canvas:
Coated canvas Louis Vuitton handbags can be easily cleaned by using baby wipes or a damp cloth with slightly soapy water.
In order to remove grime and dirt from uneven surfaces of canvas using a toothbrush that is soft or mild soapy water may prove useful. It is recommended not to cleanse Damier Azur or Damier Ebene bags, as prints are easily taken off.
Avoid applying any of the home remedies for cleaning including perfumes, chemicals cleaners and leather lotions to canvas products.

Vachetta, a natural cowhide-leather that Louis Vuitton has used for long periods of time, is an essential part of the past history of the brand. It is a type of leather that has the presence of natural imperfection like wrinkles because of its lack of surface coat.

How to wash the Louis Vuitton vachetta
Vachetta leather shouldn’t be cleaned with soap. Your leather may become dry or break when you apply soap to clean it.
Add Nano-containing cosmetics or apple preserves to the bag. The Vachetta will darken for just two minutes however it’ll quickly dry.
Cowhide leathers can be very fragile. If your leather bag is stained, you should not try cleaning it. Allow the natural patina process to be completed as the stain will become more obscure after the patina has taken place.
Make use of a soft-colored absorbent towel immediately to wipe off any water which has come in contact with your Vachetta bag.
Vachetta Leather Bags should not be washed with chemical cleaners.

Vernis leather is a textured delicate, feminine and perky material that has the appearance of patent leather. It’s embellished with Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram.

How to remove dirt from Vernis Leather:
Keep the Vernis leather away from any items (denim magazines, books, etc.).) The color pigments could be transferred to get transferred to the leather.
Avoid exposing to sunlight. Vernis leather bag to sunlight since it can cause fade.

Louis Vuitton Leather Bags Epi
Epi leathers are tough bags made of this leather come with the natural elasticity that’s coupled with the superior quality Louis Vuitton bags are famous for. Many people love epi leather bags as they do not need much maintenance, and they can be kept in pristine condition for a long period.

How to remove dirt from Epi leather:
Keep your bag clean Epi leather bag by wiping it with a soft cloth every once or once a month.
For the sake of preserving its beautiful design, ensure that you take care to store it appropriately.

皮夾-台灣官網專櫃『全台貨到付款』包包折扣,衣服,鞋子,手錶價錢! The Louis Vuitton Empreinte leather item is one of its most luxurious. It is made of silky embossed calfskin.

Clean Empreinte leather:
The need for care is not required for leather accents. It is important to be careful not to put it on surfaces that are not clean.
To maintain its appeal to preserve its beauty, keep your handbag in a cool, well-ventilated area.

How to clean exotic leather bags:
Do not come into contact with liquids or water. If your exotic luggage accidentally gets in contact with water, you must immediately wipe the affected area with a clean absorbent and lint-free cloth. Use light-colored clothes.
Avoid exposing your bag to ultraviolet light, which could cause color discolor.
You should pay special attention to bugs that have metallic feathers or leathers, beads, sequins, beadings or printed.

How to clean Louis Vuitton printed leather bags
Protect printed Louis Vuitton leather bag prints from any other material that may be able to transfer color pigments onto the prints.
Why Proper Care and Maintenance is important for your Louis Vuitton Bags?
There are many reasons why Louis Vuitton bags require proper attention and regular maintenance. They can also lose appearance and texture even after storage. To protect yourself from damage the bag, it’s best to wash the bag on a regular basis.

Apart from regular and meticulously cleaning your Louis Vuitton bag Also, make it a point to maintain the designer bag. It is possible to keep your bags clean and keep their beauty.

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