How do consumers discern the difference between a genuine, authentic designer bag and a fake?

For decades, tourists used to flock to New York City’s Canal Street to look at fake handbags sold by sellers talking about designer brands such as “Gucci” and “Louis”, then leading to back rooms stuffed of plastic-wrapped handbags. There’s a chance you’ve heard of The Sex and The City Episode where Samantha and Carrie purchase a fake Fendi out of the trunk of a car in LA. ブランドコピーどこで買う are the most obvious examples.
ブランドコピーバッグ is seen walking down the street wearing the Louis Vuitton style that her friend gifted her. There were many occasions in which fashion jewelry was found to be fakes or counterfeit. For me, I was among those who were forced to stroll down the streets with a Louis-Vuitton appearance identical to the one a friend gifted her for a present. ).

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