The Genuine Truth About Counterfeit Handbags

You might be wondering What’s wrong with buying fake items? Does it even matter? Are we supposed to be concerned if the fashion blogger we follow is sporting a Gucci goof or Yeezy Dupes?

The following article will start by introducing some legal terms. If you find legal terminology boring for you, continue reading… for me, this is essential for understanding copyright and counterfeiting infringement. lv運動鞋 The purpose of this article is to raise awareness about the gravity of the issue.
LV水桶包 The reason why the production and selling of counterfeit merchandise is unlawful is that it is against copyright and trademark laws. The Lanham Act, which is currently the US’s trademark law, bans trademark infringement, trademark dilution and trademark infringement.
Trademarks refer to names, phrases, designs, or marks that specify the source as well as the manufacturers of goods to make it easier for the consumer to determine the sources of merchandise. It is possible for the public to distinguish between products manufactured by companies with trademarks. It is illegal to allow anyone else to use the trademark owned by your company when you are applying for trademark registration in the federal Patent and Trademark Office.

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