Washington Bullets – Champion Jersey

In 1995, Bullets ownership looked to change the team’s name in response to the violent crime in the city. After over 30 years of existence, the Bullets officially became the Wizards at the start of the 1997-1998 season. https://www.jerseysworld.io/ This meant that Champion made Bullets jerseys for 6 seasons. Thus, there’s not a lot of players available compared to other teams.
One of the most rare Champion Bullets jerseys is Bernard King. King enjoyed a great year in 1990-1991 with the Bullets and became an All Star despite having his knee surgically repaired. learn more Thus, Champion issued a King replica jersey for the 1991-1992 season. However, King wouldn’t even step on the court in the 1991-92 seasons due to issues with his knee and would not be able to play again with his team the Bullets (in fact it was his last game in basketball for nearly a year half and only played 32 games with the Nets in 1993 prior to officially stepping down). It was the only production of King Bullets jerseys.

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